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18 Inch Black Cat Cougar With SCAL Software

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MAC & PC Compatible

We are proud to introduce the only computer driven digital die cutter designed specifically for


Scrap bookers


Stencil Cutters

Sublimation users!


Designed for the Crafter and Scrapbooker, we feel this machine is the best you can get for your hobby or profession. The features and specifications are without a doubt the best on the market today. The designers have incorporated everything in this cutter to create a new futuristic design guaranteed to withstand tough commercial use as well as the general crafter.

The Cougar can cut individual sheets as well as rolls of material.

The machine quality exceeds other competing products on the market today. It is made of tough composite aluminium and plastic, ready for anything the serious crafter can throw at it.

Super 950g pressure allows it to cut thick material easily!!!!!

This is for the 18in model, you can cut a FULL 18in wide!

The Black Cat Cutter range has been designed to make your hobby or profession easy. From cutting shapes, alphabets, numbers, images, words, cards, and more. It will also cut advanced designs for professional use. The Black Cat Cutters can do all of this and more with ease.

Using the friendly program we supply, even complete beginners can start to produce shapes in as little as 30 minutes. We have a dedicated support forum at

The forum will be manned at all times across all the major time zones so clients will never be far from support when needed. The forum will be dedicated to support, tutorials and videos for the Cougar series of machines.

All clients are given information which allows us to install the cutters via remote computer if you choose so even novices can be cutting quickly.

We have FREE tutorials for cutting simple die cuts as well as multi-color, multi-layer designs. More FREE tutorials will be posted as they are created.


  •  18in Cut width Cougar Cutter

  •  Blade Holder and Blade

  •  A3+ size Carrier Mat

  •  Pen Holder and spare nibs

  •  USB Cable / USB to serial Cable

  •  Power Cable

  •  Quality test cut

  •  SCAL Software 

  •  Warranty Card

  •  Forum Membership details

    What makes die-cutting better than scissors? 
    The use of scissors takes time and patience. However, die-cutting transforms the tedious task of cutting numerous letters and shapes into a fast, fun and easy endeavor replicating the same perfect shape over and over again. 

    What type of projects can I create using die-cuts? 
    Really, this question should be, what can't I create? The possibilities are endless. 

    Use your Cougar machine for: 

    Stationery, greeting cards and invitations 
    Scrapbooks and personal keepsakes 
    Digital scrapbook embellishments 
    Fashion accessories and design 
    Home decor
    And many, many others

  • The Cougar will:

    • Cut all these materials: paper, vellum, parchment and heavy card stock, Self-adhesive rubber (for making rubber stamps), Sheet magnet, Foil, Static  cling vinyl , Fabric, Felt, Thin metals, Paper wood , Heat and shrink plastic, Poly foam, Sponge, Leather, Faux fur

    • Cuts 18in wide!

    • Cut Foil, Fabrics, papers, cards, mount board, chip board, even plastics for stencils!

    • Draw, Emboss & Engrave parchment paper, aluminium etc. using the optional tools

    • Cut T-Shirt Vinyl and flock easily.

    • Cut existing files that you may have and our own free files from the forum

    • Cut any font, any size

    • Cut precisely: the Cougar even slows right down to 1mm a second cutting speed, this allows extremely precise cuts.

  • Print & Cut: Decoupage, t-shirts etc. with a Carrier mat to use for material that has no adhesive backing.

  • A laser pointer and Laser aligned Print & Cut Carrier Mat for print and cut facility

  • USB  for  Plug and Play

  • Tool Storage in the top cover

  • High Speed Math Microprocessor, for fast processing, low noise and clean cuts

  • Top Cover lifts open to allow long tools to be used in the holder (pens,glue pens, marker pens and other tools).

  • Supports Windows 2000 /XP/ 7 AND Vista 32/64 bit and MAC

  • Speed and Force controlled by SOFTWARE and the lcd control panel

  • User-friendly Design , allows you to adjust cutting force and speed while working

  • New variable width Blade Holder so almost any diameter (up to 15mm) cutter tool can be used.

  • 4*8 high resolution LCD back light display,

  • Minimum 3 pinch rollers to aid stability and media holding

  • Repeat Function on the LCD panel to repeat the last job continuously

  • Tough, high strength aluminium alloy body

  • Cuts 1.5mm Mount board in 1 pass (with optional mount board tool)

  • Silica gel panel control buttons, easy-to-use and durable

  • Great add on Accessories: Embossing, Engraving, Pouncing Tools, AND optional Engraving Mat  for ALL craft users.

  • New Variable length blade holder, the blade protrusion can be adjusted for different media

    • Engraving Rollers attached to the main body so flatbed cutting and engraving is easily achieved

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